BLM Signs

Throughout the years in history we have seen many social movements that have made a large impact and, in return, have made changes in this world.

Professor Dr. Evan Hart gave a presentation on the reasons why it is important to be a part of social movements in today's society and the historical movements of the past. 

Social movements are constantly happening around us. There is rarely a time in our history when there isn't a social movement trying to make a difference or change. Social movements can change their environment by raising awareness to their challengers, taking action against a policy and transforming the structure of societies and political systems.

In order to make a change they must take action. Activists can engage in public protest to grow the involvement of others and widely share their beliefs. Another fortunate social movement is to involve those higher in power and use acts of resistance to gain their attention. Politics are a major part of social movements, as without them, there would be no change. 

Protests raise moral questions, and those questions can make people rethink their moral beliefs or allow them to expand upon them. Protests engage the voter population and give them a reason to better understand who they want to vote for in the future. Active participation in protests and politics is one of the most affluent forms of taking action and making a change. 

Without involvement, social movements and protests wouldn’t be possible. Educating students and the voter population is an efficient way to get people engaged. When asking the Multicultural Education Director at Missouri Western Latoya Muhammad about why it’s important for students to get invloved, Muhammad said she  believes that a lot of the younger generation is more accepting with movements. They are also more interactive with the movements.

“They have a variety of ways to interact with the movements. I think that when younger people are coming out and speaking up, and gathering together organizing since they make up a pretty large demographic, and those are the folks that are also going out and reinforcing their beliefs through their votes,” Muhammad said.

Muhammad says that the more students participate in these types of movements, the more they can make a difference in today’s society.

Fellow student Tamara Booker agrees that students getting involved with social movements on campus is important.

“It is very important for students to be involved in on-campus movements because being part of an institution, your opinions should matter and have the right to be heard,” Booker said. “Having students involved on campus movements help change policies or even impact history. On-campus movements can even help students find a sense of identity if they feel they haven't quite figured out who they are as a person. Being involved as a student has an impact in your education career which will only benefit you to have an understanding of political participation.”

Booker took away the key concept from the presentation that any way you get involved in the movement can have some impact on it in the future.

“It doesn't matter if it is a small or big involvement. Your voice was heard and it matters. Some movements take time to get public attention, but change does happen and it is not going to happen overnight,” Booker said.

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