Certificates can make your resume look very professional and make you more qualified for any job. The Center for Entrepreneurship at Missouri Western is partnering with the Center for Workforce Development in offering three free courses to help you achieve certifications to add to support your resume.

The three free courses are over creativity in teams, an introduction to critical thinking, and personal creativity. To take advantage of the free classes and certifications, you have to register by Nov. 1 and you have 90 days to finish the certificate.

There are also a number of other courses with additional fees that all vary in pricing and hours. The paid certification classes are available from 270 to 365 days. 

Anyone in the St. Joseph region is able to enroll in the courses and benefit from this program.

Annette Weeks is the Executive Director for Centers of Business and is very excited to answer any questions about the certificate program. Every day the Center for Entrepreneurship gets feedback from those that have finished the course and look over the data as well as the percentages of success.

“If the percentage drops any,” Weeks said, “We then go in and analyze the course and make it better from the feedback.” 

The concept of the certificate program launched on June 1 and there are already 120 learners going through or finished with a course. 

All of the certificates that are included on the site are professional development focused. There are courses on how to write a professional email and even cyber security.

Miu Sutton works in the Center for Entrepreneurship and is finishing up her master’s here at Missouri Western. Sutton says that it is a great resume builder and looks very good along with a degree.

“Once you get into your field and your career,” Sutton said, “Some places require some of these certificates, so why not do them at Missouri Western?”

Sutton is enrolled in one of the free courses offered and is also thinking about doing one of the communication courses. Sutton enjoys the self-paced aspect of it, as well as the videos and other interactive activities.

The certificates could be done in as little as three hours, making it well worth your time and a great opportunity for Missouri Western students. 

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