Caitlin Dillon

Spooky Season is finally upon us, so why not settle down with a good book for your quarantine? Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane is the perfect novel to read this October if you want something spookier than re-watching The Office for the fourth time. 

Since We Fell isn’t an obvious scary story. It doesn’t have jump scares and it won’t make your stomach weak. It will, however, keep you guessing. 

This book starts with a fascinating journalist, Rachel Childs, committing murder. Or manslaughter, perhaps. Rachel herself might not even know. But by the next chapter, we’re not thinking about how Rachel shot her husband on a yacht. We’re wondering if she’ll ever find her father, will she overcome anxiety, and how she survived a childhood with her famous psychologist mother, Elizabeth Childs. 

Since We Fell makes you forget it’s a thriller. Lehane sucks the readers into the mystery of Rachel Childs and how she deals with overwhelming anxiety. Ever wondered how journalists avoid panic attacks on live TV? Lehane sure has. 

Just when you forget where the book is headed, you’re suddenly solving a mystery, and then a second mystery, and then you’re witnessing a crime (or series of crimes? A whole mob, perhaps?). You will find that you don’t just sit down to read this book, but rather that you’ll plunge and tumble through its pages before you even find a comfortable position on your couch.

Ever heard of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn? Flynn is a famous gritty novelist who’s known for writing thrillers, and even she endorses the book.

“Lehane has written two books-- one, an insightful examination of the search for identity and belonging, and two, a thriller that constantly leaves you guessing-- and then smashed them together into one terrific read. Lehane is the master of complex human characters thrust into suspenseful, page-turning situations. In short, I hate him. But I’ll read anything he writes,” Flynn said. 

Flynn isn’t the only person praising this book. Dennis Lehane is a New York Times bestselling author, and Since We Fell has been a popular read since its release three years ago. 

If you’re looking for some murder for your Spooky Season and you like a mystery that keeps you on your toes, order your copy of Since We Fell and settle in for the ride. 

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