Adarius Wells

Tons of musicians are born with natural talent. Sometimes, it’s in an artist’s blood, and this is definitely the case for Adarius Wells. 

Wells is a music, technology and industry major here at Missouri Western State University. He has learned how to mix audio, how to set up sound and all of the setup that goes on behind the stage.

Wells grew up in the church with a very musically inclined family. He has been hands-on with music passionately for about six years now, but as a little known fact, he played the trombone for almost 10 years. With music being such a big part of his life, and his future, it means a lot to him. 

“Music to me now means a different thing than it did 10 years ago, even a month ago. Music is kind of my heartbeat,” Wells said. “It’s what drives me in the morning and keeps me awake at night. It’s kind of like a catch 22.”

When someone has been involved in music for so long, you would think it would be hard to pinpoint who their musical inspiration is, but Wells was able to narrow it down to a couple of artists.

“I get my main inspirations from artists such as Stevie Wonder, Quincey Jones, Donald Glover, Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar. I get my inspirations from people who came from humble beginnings and became great not because they fed into this linear path of what a musician should be, but they broke the mold for what a musician should be allowed to be,” Wells said.

David McIntire is the director of music technology studies and has had Wells in several classes, so he is aware of Wells’ talent and capabilities. McIntire explained that Wells has a natural aptitude for music and is able to thrive in any setting.

“I would say that Adarius is distinguished from many of his peers by his unquenchable enthusiasm,” McIntire said. “He throws himself into his creative projects with great abandon and is very productive. He has a personality that brightens any room that he enters, and his positive energy is very contagious.”

Wells’ classmate Christian Neuroth says he can tell when Wells has made something. 

“It’s like he’s doing a jigsaw puzzle: There’s a bunch of pieces all around that don’t really look like they go together, but he can slap it all together,” Neuroth said.

Wells' music style has been described as old school R&B meeting today's style.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing Wells’ music, he is planning on releasing an EP soon. He also has his senior recital coming up on Sept. 20 at 6:00p.m. that will be livestreamed on many different platforms. 

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