By: Ryleigh Reagan

Ghosts and ghouls are out for Spooktober and they are in a town near you. Here is a list of the five most haunted cities and their stories.

Atchison, Kansas, is one of the most haunted cities in the United States and is known for Molly’s Hollow, the Waggener and most of all, the Sallie House. Molly’s Hollow is in Jackson Park and is said to be haunted by Molly, a former slave that was hanged. Visitors have been known to hear her chilling screams and some have even seen a ghostly figure in the tree where she was hanged. 

A second haunted house in Atchison is the Waggener House, also known as the gargoyle house is known to hold evil spirits in the gargoyle statues that sit atop the home. They are said to be constructed to honor the pact the original owner made with the devil for money, and those who have tried to remove them have fallen to their death. 

Lastly, the Sallie House once was home to a doctor who would often take care of patients in his home. One night, a young girl, Sallie, was brought there with severe abdominal pain and the doctor operated on her there, accidentally not giving her enough anesthesia and she died painfully. With what occupants said started as having children’s toys moved across the rooms soon turned violent with small fires suddenly starting, and a male resident being attacked.

Kansas City, Missouri, is known for its haunted houses, but not many seem to know about the real haunted places in K.C. The George Brett bridge is one of these places, where after the Royals won their first World Series back in 1985, a fan was supposedly killed by a drunk driver on the bridge. It is said that after the Royals win a game, the ghost of the man can still be seen at the bridge wearing his Royals hat. The Kansas City Power and Light building has had numerous suicides over the years from people jumping off its roof. Security has been said to hear strange noises and feel like they are being watched during night shifts.


St. Joseph, Missouri, is home to many haunted places such as Glore Psychiatric Museum. Dating back to its creation in 1874, Glore was once an insane asylum known for its horrific means of treatment. Many sightings and strange noises have been reported at the museum. There have been ghostly figures spotted, motions sensors going off when no one is around and mutter heard throughout the building. 

Weston, Missouri, may be known for its wineries, but there are a few places around that are known for their supernatural occurrences. The Saint George Hotel is rumored to be haunted by a young boy that likes to play tricks and hide items of guests. Most of the ghostly activities seem to be centered in specific rooms. In the Main Street Galleria, visitors have reported hearing voices, finding items moved from where they were left and even smelling cigarette smoke when alone. 

Faucett, Missouri, seems to only have one main haunt. In the old high school, some former students that passed away over the years are said to haunt the school. There are reports of lockers slamming shut by themselves, doors opening and closing when no one is near them and even sounds of a woman crying. The old high school is currently being used as a haunted house for the holiday season.

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