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Missouri Western students received an email from President Matthew Wilson today explaining the Academic Program Review results as to what majors and minors are looking to be phased out within the next two years.

Please note that at this time, nothing is 100% official. Students are advised to look at the email that Wilson sent to see if they have the potential of being affected.

The majors that are looking to be phased out are the following:

Art-Studio Art, Art;

Music-Music Performance & Industry, Music Technology and Industry;

Theatre/Cinema/Dance-Musical Theatre, Theatre, Speech and Theatre, Cinema;

Biology-Biology-Botany, Biology-General, Biology-Zoology, Biology-Biotechnology, Natural Science-Biology;

Chemistry-Chemistry, Natural Science Chem/ChemBus, Natural Science-Chem/Edu, Natural Science-Chem/Forensic Science, Natural Science-Chem/Health Professions;

Communications & Journalism-Speech Communication, Convergent Journalism;

History-History, History/Teacher Cert;

Philosophy/Religion-Philosophy, Philosophy/Religion;

CS Math-Applied Computer Technology, Computer Science/Com. Info., Mathematics, Mathematics/Teacher Ed.;

Modern Languages-English, Spanish, French;

English-English/Creative Writing, English/Literature, English/Tech. Communications, English/Language & Culture, English/Professional Communications;

Political Science-Political Science;



Psychology-Psychology/Psyc Org Leadership;

Criminal Justice-Criminal Justice/Corrections, Criminal Justice Juvenile Justice

HPER-Recreation Sports Management/Rec. Mgmt, Physical Education/Teacher Ed., Physical Education/General;

SNHP-Health Information Management;

Eng.Tech.Mgmt-App. Science/Eng. Tech. Mgmt.;

Interdisc-International Studies;

Wilson’s email explained that for the last few weeks the ARB has been reviewing data to “assess each major and minor that does not meet the state’s annual graduation guidelines (10 students/year) or sustainable enrollment levels.” According to Wilson’s email, the data that was reviewed included enrollments, graduates, student credit hours, faculty counts, etc. as well as outside employment data to have a better understanding of the demands for majors/minors, program viability and career prospects.

Wilson’s email states that most current students will not be impacted by the potential changes. Even if a major/minor is looking to be phased out, the University plans to have the impacted courses have a couple years. For students who are in programs that are looking to be phased out, Wilson’s email states that they do not have to look at changing their major.

The University has a pathway to degree completion and are offering two years to finish program requirements. Input about suspending enrollment into the majors will be taken until April 15 when the Provost, Dr. Doug Davenport, forwards his final report to Wilson. As of now, the anticipated date for final decisions is set for April 29.

Griffon News has an interview with Wilson later today and will have an updated story later this evening.

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