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By: Avery Corkins

How can one YouTube video change someone’s whole life in just five minutes?

Well, let me tell you. Just about four years ago, I was binge watching YouTube influencers until I fell asleep. One of the videos I found was from a channel called “Yes Theory.” This show is made up of a team of motivated guys who believe that life is best enjoyed outside of our comfort zones. 

Their motto is to seek discomfort, and they promote that message by creating videos attacking their biggest fears or goals and showing off the happiness that comes along with accomplishing these things. The four guys who create content for this channel have such inspiring stories to tell and a lot of those stories come about by them simply saying yes to things that may seem scary, uncomfortable or even impossible. The words, “seek discomfort” inspired me as I was getting ready to go into my last semester of high school with no future plans in mind. 

The thought of college was always nagging at me, yet I was so fearful of the financial and mental challenge that came along with furthering education. As “Yes Theory” started to accomplish the most insane goals by saying the three letter word, “yes,” and seeking discomfort I started to adapt the same mindset as them. “

Why not go to college,” I said. “If you’re afraid, then push through and prove that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and utilize all resources around you.”

 So here I am today, three years into my college experience feeling as if I can do anything I want. I believe in myself more than ever because of four guys who decided to chase their greatest fears and show the world that anything is possible. I know it may seem like a simple message, yet if you ever get a chance to watch one of their videos you will understand the feeling. You may start to realize that the only thing holding you back from accomplishing your biggest goal is one word, “yes.” 

I encourage you to get out and do something that seems insane and when you are done, embrace that sense of accomplishment and let it motivate you. Follow this for the rest of your life and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

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