By: Ryleigh Reagan

The Missouri Western Dance Company held at dance battle royale on Oct. 2, and  while no other dance groups came to battle, that didn’t stop the Missouri Western Dancing Company from showing off its skills. 

The dance battle marks two years since the MWDC was founded. The event – held in Blum 218 – was part of a week of events held by the MWDC from Sept. 29 to Oct. 5. Other events of the week were a spa night, a praise and worship dance night and a dance clinic for those who want to learn more about dance.

Even though no one came to battle against the dance team, the MWDC didn’t let that stop them from dancing. Instead, the group had three rounds where they went up against each other. Round one was a two versus two battle while round two was one versus one and round three was also one versus one with two of the founders of the MWDC competing against each other. 

Teammates showed off their moves, ones from past performances as a group and unique moves showing different styles of the members. The team worked hard but still had lots of laughs.

After the battle, the MWDC practiced through their homecoming performance, one it has been preparing for since the middle of September.

Member Jayde Deporto pushed for students to find a group or organization that will push them to better themselves.

“If you really want to learn dance or meet new people and learn new things in college, join a group. This is my group,” Deporto said.

The group will perform their homecoming dance performance at the pep rally on Oct. 11, in the parade on the morning of Oct. 12 and at the homecoming football game later that evening. 

The members of MWDC see each other as a family, not just a team. 

Western junior and member of the MWDC Mya Riley wants others to know that they are a diverse group of people and are accepting of everyone.

“It doesn’t matter what shape you are, what size you are. It doesn’t matter how much dance background you have. It doesn’t matter what color you are,” said Riley. “If you want to be on this team, you can. You just have to have the passion, style and excellence.”

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