By: Ryleigh Reagan


The Community Blood Drive was hosted on Thursday, Oct. 10, in the Blum Student Union as a way to give back to the community for Missouri Western’s Homecoming week.


The blood drive has been an event held at Missouri Western for over 20 years. This is the first year that it was only a one day event. In the past it was a three-day event for students to donate. While this made for some difficulties, it didn’t stop people from coming to donate for a good cause.


With 75 students already having given blood and still having almost four of the eight hours left, account manager of the Community Blood Drive, Wendy Eisele, was very happy with how many students were donating.


“We have had a good turn out for the day so far,” Eisele said. “We appreciate all the students coming out.”

According to Eisele, there is currently a shortage of blood available in the United States. 


“We need to collect 600 units of blood a day to meet the demands of hospitals,” Eisele said. “One-third of the blood we collect is from students, either high school or college students.”


While there are many opportunities to donate blood, Missouri Western gives an opportunity for students like senior Ann Violett to do so with ease.

“Having it at school is really convenient for me,” Violett said. “It’s a really easy way to give back to your community.”


Not only did the university try to get students to donate, but the sororities and fraternities pushed for their members, such as freshman Maya Preston, to come to the event.


“It’s a part of homecoming and my sorority really encouraged us to donate,” Preston said.


Both Violett and Preston are nursing majors and had donated about five times before last week’s blood drive. According to Preston, being a nursing major made it clear how important it is to donate blood.


“You can save up to three lives with a pint of blood,” Preston said.

For students looking to donate blood, you can go to to find a local donation center.

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