By: Parker Williamson

Sharks are not out to hunt humans, and people should respect them.


Sharks are my favorite animal, and in my opinion, are one of the most interesting in the world. They have been on the planet for 500 million years. This means that sharks have survived four or five mass extinction events. Some sharks are able to survive low tide on land, and some are roughly the size of a school bus. No matter what kind of shark there is bound to be some cool adaptation or feature it has.


Sharks are known for being some of the fiercest predators in the oceans. Great whites are the well known “man eaters” thanks to the Jaws film series. They have rows of hundreds of teeth made for eating whales and seals. Great whites and sharks in general are actually very unlikely to attack humans. The only reason they do is because sometimes humans look or act like their favorite food sources.


Sharks are really cool animals that are important to the ocean’s ecosystem, and we should be doing more to keep them around. Many people are afraid of them for no good reason. This causes overfishing, and eventually, some species will be extinct.


One way to prevent the loss of sharks and other marine life is to stop polluting the oceans. With the $1 billion that has been donated to fix Notre Dame, the garbage float in the Pacific Ocean could’ve been cleaned. People should really care about the planet we live on. It is all we have. For me, caring for the planet includes traditionally scary animals like sharks. There is still so much to learn about them as they continue to change and adapt. This makes them some of the most interesting animals. I’m amazed that a species has stuck around through all of the major extinction events, even the one that killed the dinosaurs.


So do the planet a favor and save the sharks.

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