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By: Kathleen Woods

The fundraising table in Blum Student Union lobby was filled with already made and steaming crepes.

The toppings had been lined up waiting for students, who had come hungry. 

On Nov. 5, the International Student Council held a fundraiser in Blum Student Union The organization sold French Crepes for three dollars a piece and an extra dollar for additional toppings. The room was filled with sweet sugary smelling crepes that could be topped with ice cream, powdered sugar, syrup, Nutella, and bananas. 

Missouri Western junior Lisa Laurent says that these events take a lot of planning and effort. 

About one in four citizens in America speak another language. This number is still low compared to other countries, but it has grown immensely in America. Group member Lisa Laurent believes the the group plays a vital role in bringing society together.

“I think the International Student Center is important because people get together of any origin and we can do things and share culture. Doing this helps other students know about us and we can learn about any cultures together,” Laurent said. “We hope students can come support us. We are really committed to the organization and we take lots of time to plan these events.” 

Missouri Western graduate student Yuko Yamoaka is a member of International Student Council, and she tries to help keep things modern for everyone attending the event. 

“We like to plan the events at the beginning of the month so they are all fresh events for the students,” Yamoaka said.

Group member Allycia Gan discussed how hard but important learning other languages can be. 

“Learning about other cultures and languages can be hard but are very important so we can understand each other,” Gan said.

The club plans a new event each month, if any student is interested in joining please stop by the International Center and ask when the next meeting time is.

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