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By: Avery Corkins

As Thanksgiving approaches, dinner invites start to spread to every family member under the sun. For some Thanksgiving gatherings, friends are considered to be the best kind of family. 


In recent times, “Friendsgiving” has become a tremendously popular way to gather and celebrate this time of year with a traditional Thanksgiving feast approach. This has become a popular trend over the years and almost its’ own holiday within a holiday.


It seems to have originated as college students or coworkers who did not have a family or the ability to go home, started to gather and celebrate together. This presented the opportunity to have a traditional gathering in a not-so-traditional way. 


Missouri Western junior Nealie Niemier= will be celebrating her third annual friendsgiving in a couple of weeks.

“When my friends first started the tradition I was a bit confused but I just went along with it because who could say no to a second thanksgiving,” Niemier said. “Throughout the years it has become a staple in our friend group. We play games, eat lots of food, talk about life and it never fails that someone falls into the classic food coma.”


Friendsgiving can also be a great opportunity to gather with fellow Missouri Western students and build a closer bond.


Missouri Western freshman Lindsay Goodwin is planning on celebrating her first Friendsgiving this year. 

“I am planning on having a small get together with some of my new friends from Missouri Western,” Goodwin said. “We don’t have exact plans yet other than enjoying each others company and bringing homemade goodies.”


There are some people who really look forward to this time of year. Friendsgiving is the perfect chance to reconnect with old friends from high school while they are home for Thanksgiving break. 


Missouri Western freshman Elyson Carnahan has an ongoing tradition with a few of her high school friends and she looks forward to it all year long. 

“Friendsgiving is one of my favorite times of the whole year,” Carnahan said. “I even have a countdown in my planner for it. My two best friends and I always go out to dinner and a movie for Friendsgiving and then we go back home, drink sparkling juice, eat dessert and to top it off we play Mario Kart all night.”

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