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By: Kathleen Woods

Succeeding in college can be a difficult feat, but the opportunities are endless and get you prepared for your field of choice. 

The marketing and communications department were seeking students to give testimonials on how being a Griffon has aided them. 

The Casting: Share your Missouri Western Story event was put on Wednesday, Oct. 2, and Thursday, Oct. 3, on the first floor of Hearnes from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

This event included free photos, student video testimonials, free food and drinks. Plus, MWSU giveaways and swag with the chance to be on Missouri Western’s social media accounts.

The purpose of this event was to record testimonials from students about their experiences at Missouri Western. These testimonials would then be used on social media to promote being a Griffon. 

Senior content manager Diane Holtz believes that it is much more compelling to hear from the students themselves than the marketing and communications office praising Missouri Western. 

“As the marketing and communications office, we can sit there all day and say, ‘Missouri Western is wonderful, and Missouri Western is great,’ but it’s not our story to tell,” Holtz said. “It’s our students story.”

Students could sign up to be a part of the casting call in Blum Union for a specific time to come in for their interview. According to Holtz, there will be another casting call in the spring to hear from more students and their testimonials.

Marketing Coordinator, Aubry Carpenter, was looking forward to hearing from students about the impact that coming to Missouri Western has made for them. 

“I hope that we get lots of great stories about the impact that Missouri Western has had on them,” Carpenter said. “Students who’ve been here for a couple years and maybe had a great internship or a great professor that has impacted them or students who are nearing graduation and have really gotten a kickstart on their career because of things that they’ve been able to do at Missouri Western.”

Carpenter believes that students want to see people who are similar to themselves in student testimonials. 

Missouri Western senior Brady Worstell was one of the students who signed up to give a testimonial and thinks that the best part about being a Griffon is being involved with the Griffon community. 

“It was a way for me to get my story out there with everything that I have experienced at Missouri Western and my life’s journal and hopefully inspire other people to enroll here and be a part of the Griffon Family,” Carpenter said. 

In the spring make sure you look for the marketing and communications booth in the Blum Student union and sign up to give your Griffon testimonial. 

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