The silent party was all that

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By: Avery Corkins

On Wednesday night in Fulkerson, two DJs sent students roaring and soaring through the ‘90s by utilizing a new approach to live music called a silent party. 


The concept of what a silent party is and how it works is simple. There are multiple DJs playing all different music, and each person at the party is issued a pair of headphones that correspond to all of the DJs. It is all up to the person wearing the headphones to pick which DJ they want to listen to.


As students filed into Fulkerson that night, each person received their own headphones. Some students clearly knew the drill from attending last years silent party, yet some students were coming in with no prior knowledge, and their faces went from confused to ecstatic within minutes of placing the headphones on. 


Missouri Western student Kairstin Snyder is a silent party veteran from last year’s event. 

“It was really popular last year during homecoming week, and a lot of people liked it,” Snyder said. “It brings people together, and nobody is judging you. Everyone is just dancing together and having a good time.” 


The only thing silent about the silent party was the music, if you took your headphones off the crowd of students was loud and lively. The DJs were playing a broad range of music and that helped to keep everyone moving. Looking around Fulkerson, there was not a single person that was not moving and grooving to the music. 


Missouri Western student Riley Scneider was attending her very first silent disco in the midst of homecoming week.

“I did not expect it to be that loud in there at all,” Schneider said. “People were having a great time and just letting loose.”


This event was a perfect midpoint to Missouri Westerns homecoming week as it gave students a moment to have fun in the middle of another week of classes.


Missouri Western student Nah’Ryan Reed-Crawford attended the silent party on Wednesday night with high hopes of redeeming herself from missing the last silent disco here on campus.

“This event is super important to have during our homecoming week, because out of all the events I saw my friends talking about on my social media last year, the silent party was by far talked about the most,” Reed-Crawford Said.


Students walked out of Fulkerson with their new homecoming shirts, sweaty faces and a smile to top it all off.