MWSU student cupboard

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By: Christian Sarna

Missouri Western hosted an array of competitions during homecoming week 2019, with one of those competitions being created to help MWSU students in need.


A penny war was held to benefit MWSU’s student cupboard. 


Missouri Western senior Nah’ryan Reed-Crawford is the president for Western Activities Council. She had the opportunity as homecoming chair to make big changes when the Student Government Association handed the homecoming baton off to WAC. 


The university ensures that students during homecoming week not only have fun but get an opportunity to give to others and make a difference. One of the ways students were able to give back was an event Reed-Crawford and WAC organized called Penny Wars. Each registered homecoming team competed to raise the most money that would be donated to campus cupboard. Reed-Crawford and her team did not stop there however, by using the money donated the committee will be going out and buying items that they believe students need. 


“Penny Wars is a new way to bring items for the food pantry and to raise money for campus cupboard,” Reed-Crawford said. “The same items are usually brought in every time, so it’s best for us to go get things for students on campus that need other things.” 


She would like to try different ways of getting more students involved in events like this in the future.


“We will table next year and hand out jars to students and make it a separate competition in homecoming so you can raise money without being in an organization or group,” Reed-Crawford said.


Missouri Western student Karnesha Scott also has ideas for getting more students involved. 


“Doing something in residential halls while having food boxes and to make it a competition would get more students involved,” Scott said. 


Junior Maya Riley has seen other students using the cupboard and said that it has grown a lot in her time at MWSU. 


“The more it’s marketed makes more students want to use it and know about it, and it makes me want to use it myself,” Riley said. 


The Campus Cupboard is located on the second floor of Blum Union in room 214 and hours for the Cupboard are from 2-4 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the academic school year.