Fataki and Scott win the SGA election

News Student Government

By C. Sarna

After weeks of intense campaigning, the results are in: Engoma Fataki and Nathan Scott have been named SGA student body president and vice president.

Fataki and Scott won 311-221 against Mazzie Boyd and Cameron Edmonson. All 15 student senators were elected. Candidates Kailynn Nicole Denson, Darius Wherry and Eli Trimmer lead the vote with 146, 133 and 126 votes respectively. A total of 548 students voted in the SGA election, the first contested race in two years. This number widely eclipsed the previous year’s turnout of just 42.

Fataki is the current student director of external relations for SGA and an international student. He said he was pleased with the increased amount of voter and candidate involvement.

“Since I’ve been here in this university, this is the first time that I’ve seen so many students participate in an election,” Fataki said. “I am excited not just for the work we have to take care of, but I’m also excited to see how many students will be involved.” His freshman running mate and current SGA Senator Scott expressed similar feelings of pride.

“We are extremely proud of the entire student body for expressing their voice,” Scott said. “We hope to continue this movement into the next year, as we hope to inspire student leaders and student organizations to take initiatives to better our campus and get more students involved.”

Regardless of the results, Boyd, presidential candidate and current SGA senator, agreed that the election turnout was a step in the right direction.

“Our one goal was to get more people involved,” Boyd said. “Over 500 people came out and voted. I feel like that’s an accomplishment right there.” Boyd is a sophomore and student employee in student affairs. Where one door closes, another opens. Soon after the election results were posted, Boyd announced she had opportunity to work as a summer intern in Washington DC at Capitol Hill.

She expressed gratitude towards Alpha Sigma Phi, Phi Delta Theta and the rest of her supporters. Edmonson, her freshman running mate and a career development student employee, echoed Boyd’s sentiments.

“I think the increased turnout has a lot to do with the activity and passion both presidential candidates possessed,” Edmonson said. “Both Mazzie and Engoma are strong student leaders that were very determined to win and show Missouri Western SGA a new day.”

Even though the election has ended, students looking to get involved need not worry. Vice President for Student Affairs, Shana Meyer, encouraged students to apply for five remaining senate seats.

“It’s important that we have candidates that are willing to stand up and run for positions,” Meyer said. “There’s still opportunities for students to get involved. I hope, regardless of if their candidate won or not, that they will take that opportunity.”

For more information about SGA or to apply for a position, visit Student Life at www.missouriwestern.edu and look under the Student Organizations tab for Student Government Association. Students can also visit the SGA office in Blum 217 or call (816) 271-4164.