Griffs pop-up closet and campus cupboard help students

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Griffs give back with an on-campus pop-up closet and campus cupboard.

Griffs give back, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority incorporated and the Power Organization teamed up to create an on-campus thrift shop, also known as the Griff Pop-Up Closet.

Andrea Gordon, President of Zeta Phi Beta and Director of Griffs Give Back, talks about the sponsors and the reason behind the pop-up closet.

“The Griff Pop-Up closet between Griffs give back, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority incorporated and the Power Organization creates another opportunity for students to have resources on campus to help sustain them,” Gordon said. “We are getting ready to go into fall, and it gets a little chilly, so everyone may not have the funds to get coats or more clothing and things like that.”

As of right now the Griff Pop-Up closet is every Tuesday and Thursday from 2-4 p.m., temporarily located in Blum 212. The plan for the first year is to get the pop-up closet introduced to people and work on the marketing strategies so people know that it is actually here. Eventually, the goal is to have the pop-up closet anytime throughout the week.

“Hopefully I can prove to our student government, as well as our administrative staff, that it is useful and, it is actually providing resources for students and community and faculty. Then, I would like to find a permanent location for it,” Gordon said.

The pop-up closet offers jackets, coats, shirts, jeans, sweatpants and a bunch of spirit-wear for students to choose from. Gordon explains how this is the first year of the pop-up closet and her plans on expanding it.

“I had the idea last year, but I was focused on building up the Power Organization because that was my main goal to start that organization and get it up and running. This year, I was also given the position of Director of Griffs Give Back. Once that happened, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try and push this thing through and nobody tried to stop me,” Gordon said.

Not only does the pop-up closet provide resources for students, but it also provides opportunities for students to get more community service hours right here on campus. Sometimes students may not know where to go for community service or have a way to get there. The pop-up closet is a way for students to have on campus opportunities.

Freshman Allison Lorton volunteers at the Griff Pop-Up Closet to get involved and help others.

“I wanted to join a group to get involved, and I felt like a community service group would be a good choice,” Lorton said. “I think this is good for students who can’t afford to get new clothes because when you can’t afford to get something that you need, it is nice to be able to come and get something that will benefit you.” 

Along with the pop-up closet, there is the Campus Cupboard. The Campus Cupboard is located in Blum 214 and is open during the school year from 2-4 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well. They both go hand-in-hand because the whole goal was to find a way to help students in as many ways as possible. The Campus Cupboard provides students with supplemental food when they may not be able to afford it. The cupboard opened in 2015 and has served over 300 students since.

Student may visit the cupboard up to twice a month. Per visit, each students is allowed a maximum of two plastic grocery bags and are asked to take only what they need. 

“The Campus Cupboard is there to help students who may not be able to make it to Walmart or who do not have the all-access meal plan. They can just come swipe their ID and get different groceries,” Todd said. “I have a Sam’s Club card and sometimes I don’t eat everything in my pantry, so I just come donate to the pantry.” 

If you are interested in donating food items, clothing items or getting in some community service hours, make sure to stop by Blum 212 to answer any questions.