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A new chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success is making its way to Missouri Western.

According to a material distributed by the National Society of Leadership and Success, also known as the Society, they are, ‘an organization that provides leadership skills and personal, academic and professional development.’

Clifford Peterson, a senior psychology major, is an intern for the program and was motivated to create a chapter on Western’s campus.

Peterson said one of the reasons he wanted to start the chapter was because the Society provides three professional speakers throughout each semester.

The organization hosts the speakers at one of 434 participating campuses nationwide and broadcasts the speeches to other campuses with active chapters. Students can interact via social media and text messaging to ask the speakers questions.

Some of the speakers the organization has hosted in the past include former Mayor of New York City Rudolph Giuliani, Jim Cramer and Hilary Duff.

Along with providing motivational and informational speakers, the Society encourages students to be continuously setting goals and striving to fulfill them by breaking the chapters into groups called Success Networking Teams.

These teams set both personal, campus and community goals that are then approved by the advisor. Once approved, the students set out to work together and support each other to achieve those goals.

Peterson hopes to have the chapter fully founded and recognized by the Student Government Association by the early weeks of the spring semester.

“Once that’s all approved, we want to get invitations sent out to the students to join,” Peterson said. “We are probably going to put a 2.0 GPA requirement on it.”

Peterson thinks that being involved with the Society will be beneficial for students.

“They get a letter of recommendation from the president of the Society… They get the Success Networking Team benefit, which is a way to grow,” Peterson said. “They also get access to the job board that only members can access.”

Peterson said students involved in the Society can apply to receive over $150,000 in scholarship money.

Peterson was hopeful to find at least two faculty or staff advisors for the chapter, and has already found one.

Kay-Lynne Taylor, director of the career development center, has agreed to be an advisor of the chapter.

Taylor said by being involved in the Society and organizations like that helps students take control of their adult life.

“Rather than things happening for them and to them, they are starting the process of creating that leadership challenge on their own,” Taylor said. “They will learn the competencies that they will need for any career.”

Shana Meyer, vice president for student affairs, said that she is supportive of the new chapter. She said that after reviewing some of the information about the organization, she was impressed by some of the well-known speakers hosted at events, including Nigel Barker, who is a TV celebrity, author and philanthropist.

Peterson is excited about what the new chapter will bring to campus.

“The goal of the National Society of Leadership and Success is to build leaders through growth professionally, personally and academically,” Peterson said. “Their main focus is to build leaders not just to benefit the person, but to benefit the community.”

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