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SGA President-elect Katie Sisco has selected the directors for her administration.

Sisco, who will be elected this Friday at the SGA banquet, has selected her Directors of Student Relations, Communications and Finances. She has taken it upon herself to bring both new and old faces to those offices in the Student Government.

“I’m really excited about the new directors,” Sisco said, “I’m feeling pretty positive on the selections I’ve made.”

She has selected Mike Hollander as her new director of Finance. Hollander is unknown to SGA and has no prior experience, which is what Sisco was looking for in the position. She said that eight individuals applied for the position, but believes Hollander brought something fresh to the office.

“He has the experience in finance,” Sisco said. “He’s an accounting and finance double major and I felt that is what I needed, and I wanted a fresh face.”

The directors of Student Affairs and Communications will have familiar faces, which Sisco wanted. She chose Monterio Seewood, senator of SGA, as her new director of Student Relations. She said he had a great interview and believed his ties with students would be beneficial for the position.

“I think he’s a great mediator for SGA and other organizations,” Sisco said.

Seewood sees this as a golden opportunity to get students and organizations involved. As the new director of Student Relations he wants to work with Student Affairs to restructure the PLC. He said he’s spoken to Shana Meyers, vice president of Student Affairs, and they are heading into the process of restricting the PLC.

“A lot of the problems we’ve had this year has steamed towards communication,” Seewood said, “I know that’s a big issue on Katie’s list and I want students and organizations to know they can come to me.”

Ashley Stegall, director of Communications, will be returning to her position after having 10 applicants apply for her position. Sisco said Stegall has the overall experience for the office of director of Communications, and she knows the ins and outs of SGA.

“Honestly, Dillon and I didn’t want to train someone new to come into the position,” Sisco said. “Everyone knows that Dillon and I are new to SGA, so bringing someone in who has experience is just better.”

Stegall said she is excited to return to SGA next year. After serving under SGA President Jacob Scott, she said that her experience would be beneficial for Sisco’s agenda for next year.

“I really enjoy doing this position,” Stegall said. “I think the most important thing is listening to the students, and we’ve done a good job doing that this semester and we want to continue that.”

Sisco will be inaugurated on Friday, April 19 at the SGA Awards Banquet.



Michael Hollander, director of Finance
Ashley Stegall, director of Communications
Ashley Stegall, director of Communications
Monterio Seewood, director of Student Relations
Monterio Seewood, director of Student Relations

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