Phi Delta Theta brings 5K run to campus

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“This 5K run really hit home for our chapter,” Alex Atkinson, Phi Delta Theta member, said.

Phi Delta Theta will end the school year with a 5K run on Western’s campus. The proceeds will benefit the victims of Lou Gehrig’s disease and their local Phi Delta chapter. Atkinson said the event is very beneficial for students and members of the community to attend.

The event will take place on April 27, 2013 at 11:00a.m., and the group advises those who plan to participate to check in from 10:00 to 10:45 a.m. before the event begins. The run will begin at the Missouri Western State University in the Looney Complex.

The prices for registration are $16 for college and high school students, and for others, the price is $26 to be able to participate in the event.

“This is really something we wanted to bring forth to ALS for the victims, families and the community to show how much Missouri Western wants to give back to the community,” Atkinson said.

The members of Phi Delta Theta expect a turn out of around 150 people from Missouri Western students as well as members of the St. Joseph Community. Jacob Dowell, member of Phi Delta Theta, said the event profits would go 50 percent for Lateral Sclerosis Association to benefit the victims of Lou Gehrig’s disease. He said the chapter will cover t-shirts and all other costs.

The other 50 percent of the gross proceeds will go to our local Phi Delta Theta chapter, which will be used for their philanthropy and fundraising events in the future. He believes the event will bring in more students since it’s on campus this year.

“5Ks are a pretty big thing around here,” Dowell said. “We’ve had a lot of people come up and talk to us about getting involved on campus for this walk.”

Ethan Kelly, president of Phi Delta Theta, said it’s very important to get people from the community out and involved in events like this one. He said Greek organizations can always throw an event together and bring other Greek organizations together, but to get a whole community involved in something like this is a big step for them.

“I’m hoping to get a lot of people on campus to come,” Kelley said. “We are trying to get other organizations involved and having it on campus is a central location for this event.”

If a business would rather donate products or gift cards, the group would appreciate it. There will be a raffle for donated products and top runners will receive prizes. If there are any questions, the group has asked others to contact Jonathan Hund, treasurer of Phi Delta Theta at (816)341-3430 or

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