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MOWO Confessions makes the “burn book” from Mean Girls look childish.

A new Facebook fan page has been created for students to express their needs, both physical and emotional. The group has received much attention since it was created on March 1, 2013. The page has asked Western students to send their crazy, funny stories or a confession they would like to see posted on their page.

Both students and faculty have expressed their views towards the page. Minerva Torres, advisor for the Nontraditional Assosication, said the page, “may be a good way for people to vent or get stuff off their chest so to speak. On the other hand, if there’s not a good moderator, it could get pretty negative.” She has expressed that several individuals on campus have asked her opinion on the page as a faculty member on campus.

“I was asked if I had seen it multiple times ’till I finally pulled it up. Honestly, not my thing,” Torres said.

MOWO Confessions has reached over 800 members on Facebook alone, but they also have a Twitter and Tumblr page as well. Students have reached out and voiced their opinions on the page. Freshman Allie Mayes said that many students have mixed feelings about MOWO Confessions.

“I agree some of them are funny, but I feel like it is going too far and people may get hurt by this page,” Mayes said. “In a way it reminds me of Gossip Girl, where people would send in gossip or confessions.”

She said the group has organized a large base which she feels at first wasn’t harmful, but the more people keep “confessing,” the more hurt and angry people will become.

“I can’t really judge people for sending their information to the page, but at the same time, you never know how what you say might affect how someone else feels,” Mayes said.

Other students, such as junior Jonathan Mullock, have seen a status which included his name. He said the page was a great idea in the beginning, but it becomes something much more personal when you’re the person in the post.

“People started to go too far with what they said about each other,” Mullock said. “I think it’s kind of sad how many people at MoWo will say horrible things about people behind their backs.”

Senior Jordan Carney believes the group has shed a negative light on the University and it could damage the reputation that Western has.

“Even submissions are anonymous, names are still used in the posts, which are often immature and poorly thought out,” Carney said. “Anyone can like the page, and those who view it will not have a positive impression of our students.”

Mary Beth Rosenauer, sophomore and former SGA candidate, has been mentioned on the page several times and believes it was time to express how she felt. She has been mentioned both in a negative and positive manner.

“All I can say is it’s highly unprofessional and gives Missouri Western an immature image compared to other universities,” Rosenauer said. “Feels like high school again.”

The group continues to reach new members daily and the status is updated on an hourly basis most of the time.

“This is going to be a virtual burn book, like a college version of Mean Girls,” Rosenauer said.

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