Katy Sisco wins election, will be SGA’s next President

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It’s not even the end of the school year, and the newly elected President of Student Government Association is already working on issues for next school year.

President-elect Katy Sisco and Vice President-elect Dillon Williams were elected to SGA. Sisco and Williams received 268 votes, compared to presidential candidate Mary Beth Rosenauer and Derek Thompson, who had 174 votes.

A total of 443 students voted in this year’s SGA election, which showed a decrease compared to last year’s numbers, where 1,065 students voted.

“I feel very honored and excited for this opportunity to be elected the President of SGA,” Sisco said. “I’m excited for next year and ready to get things going.”

Mary Beth Rosenauer, who ran against Sisco for SGA presidency, congratulated Sisco as the next President of SGA and plans to work with her in the future. She said in the debate that Sisco and herself are friends and plan to remain in contact.

“I stay in contact with Katie every day,” Rosenauer said. “We are really good motivators for each other, and I’m very proud and excited for her.”

Since she was elected, Sisco plans on keeping her campaign promise by visiting with organizations on campus throughout the rest of the school year. She wants the students to rest assured that she plans to keep them informed with everything SGA is doing.

“Dillon and I have already started plans for our administration next year,” Sisco said.

This new administration wants students to know they are welcome to come forth with issues on their minds. Sisco said she would try her best to fix any issues that are brought forth to SGA.

Sisco believes her connection with residential life as a Residential Assistant will help the process become smoother when she brings up the issue of bringing back Residence Council to SGA as one of the branches for SGA. She was part of the effort to help RA’s bring back Residence Hall Association. If RHA is able to be reinstated, then Sisco believes RC might be an afterthought.

“It would be beneficial to us to get more students involved on campus,” Sisco said. “We can put in place our representation and students can come and voice their opinions that live on campus.”

Student leaders found the numbers low and the process of voting confusing this time around. Last year, students were able to go to Missouri Western’s homepage and click the “Vote Here” button. This year, students had to click the “Students” tab to vote. SGA Senator MonTerio Seewood said he is happy for Katy Sisco and Dillon Williams. Seewood said Sisco and Williams had no SGA experience, but he believes they are both great leaders and are eager to learn.

“We found that voting this year was quite low, compared to past elections,” Seewood said. “I hope that next year we can find a way to get the students more engaged and interested in SGA and their elected student leaders.”

Jacob Scott, president of SGA, said that he is excited to see the new president and vice president take the oath and start their term. He believes Sisco and Williams will do a great job leading the Senate and are willing to work in the transition with Scott. However, he believes the election wasn’t as competitive as last year.

“The election wasn’t as competitive as the one last year,” Scott said. “I think it was low because of spring break and there wasn’t as competitive like it was between my opponent and I on certain issues.”

The inauguration is set for April 19 at 5:30p.m. in the Fulkerson Center.










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