Annual Drag Show will bring down the house with a 1950

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This year’s drag show will feature some “FLY” drag queens in their 1950’s theme event.

(left) Dirty Dorthy interacts with students at last years PRIDE Alliance Drag Show.  Photo by: Will C Photography
(left) Dirty Dorthy interacts with students at last years PRIDE Alliance Drag Show.
Photo by: Will C Photography

The Pride Alliance will be hosting their annual Missouri Western Drag Show on April 2. The doors will open at 7:00 p.m. and the show starts at 8:00 p.m.

PRIDE President Kayla Wiedmaier, said the event will take place on April 2nd, in the Fulkerson center and believes this year’s event will bring in more students and members of the community. Western students will get into the drag show for free with their Western ID. The show will charge members of the community $3 a person to attend this year’s show.

“It gets better every year,” Wiedmaier said. “The theme we’ve chosen is quite different from the years previous and should bring in a large crowd.”

PRIDE has chosen to do this year for their Drag Show will be a 1950’s. Wiedmaier said the design and look for this theme is completely different from their Burlesque theme from last year. The event will headline three drag queens which include Bianca Bliss, Catia Lee Love, Madison Elise and other special guest.

The organization plans to take donations from those who attend the event and all tips that the drag queens receive will be donated to a group in need. Tyler Rhoad, former president of PRIDE and Wiedmaier said they would not release the organization they plan to donate the money they receive for this year’s show.

All the tips that are donated to the drag queens will be donated to a charity,” Wiedmaier said. “You will have to attend the event to hear who our secret charity will be.”

The event has been held for the last couple of years and has seen a significant number of large crowds. Keisha Davis, former president of PRIDE, plans to attend this year’s event. She believes the reason why attendance is why is due to the event being a unique cultural experience that student’s aren’t used to.

Students should go because not only is it a lot of fun,” Davis said. “It’s educational and there’s something in it for everyone.”

Sarah Matthews, member of PRIDE, said that students and those in the community should attend because it’s the one time of the year where everyone can come together for an exciting event.

“Students should come to the drag show because it’s simply a fun and entertaining experience, that most people don’t get to see on a daily basis,” Matthews said.



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