Griffon drummer exemplifies success

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Success is a goal for most students, but for Daniel Cole, it is a personal trait.

Daniel Cole flips his drumstick in the air while he practices. Photo by Jason Brown

A lot of students’ careers do not start until after graduation, but that is not the case for Cole, a music student who is in Missouri Western’s drumline and Jazz combo. He has also been in several local cover bands over the years and currently plays drums for a Kansas City cover band called “Harvesting Jane” and XV, a rap artist who is currently signed to Warner Bros.

Oh — and he’s only a junior.

“When you add things outside of school, that’s when you got to get your priorities straight,” Cole said in reference to his very busy life. “Know yourself. Know your schedule.”

In 2010, Harvesting Jane received the opportunity to play at the Sturgis motorcycle rally in South Dakota. They shared the set with both Bret Michaels and Billy Ray Cyrus, and the show was featured on TruTV’s reality show “Full Throttle Saloon.”

And it doesn’t stop there.

Playing for Warner Bros.’ rap artist XV has been an experience for Cole as well. A friend of his is a good friend of XV, so when he heard that XV needed a drummer for a national tour, Cole came to mind. This tour would involve shows from the east coast to the west coast, plus shows in Canada. Cole joined the tour and performed tremendously.

XV’s midwest tour ran during the semester and would have forced Cole to miss a couple weeks of school.

“I did a bunch of assignments ahead of time,” Cole said.

He couldn’t do the entire tour, in the end, but was still able to do most of the shows. This showed that he is a professional musician, but a student first.

Playing for XV also gave Cole the opportunity to be one of the main characters in a music video shot just last year by director Rex Arrow. The video was for XV’s song “U.F.C.” Cole dressed up in a clown mask that is a replica of the masks used in the opening sequence for the recent Batman movie “The Dark Knight.” The video currently has over 362,000 views on YouTube (

Cole plans to be a touring musician first and foremost after graduation, but he does not want those plans to get in the way of his education.

“The first goal is to finish college, first of all,” said Cole.

All of this is about more than just playing music, though. All of Cole’s success is not for self-fulfillment.

“I want to use that success to help people … to give back to people of the world,” Cole said.

With all of his accomplishments as a musician, Cole’s clear goal is to affect the world in some way and to not just be another guy behind the drums.

“(I plan to) use the talent I was blessed with to get me there,” said Cole, who clearly knows where he is going and knows how to get there, saying “If you fail to plan, that’s planning to fail.”

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