‘Submarine’ sinks and stinks

Lifestyles Reviews

“Submarine” does exactly what a submarine is supposed to do: plunge and sink.

Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts) is a 15-year-old high school student who is desperate for a mate and craves to keep his distant parents together. Tate jumps on an emotional roller coaster as he falls for mischievous pyromaniac Jordana (Yasmin Paige) who agrees to be his girlfriend, but he also finds out that his mother (Sally Hawkins) may be having an affair with her ex-lover, who happens to be the Tate’s neighbor.

This dramatic comedy set in Wales is unorganized, random, dark and will make you snooze. It doesn’t succeed in humor either. It is depressing and slow with all of the elongated scenes of Tate staring into space pondering the obstacles he must face.

Roberts’ performance was accurate as he played a believable depressed teenager. However that is an easy character to play, because it’s very flat. Even when he showed emotion, he was flat. Paige played an atypical teenage girl who thinks love is gross, which is another easy role to play. The parents didn’t do anything, and there weren’t very many scenes with the neighbor. So let’s just say there just weren’t actors and actresses in this movie that will be receiving an Oscar anytime soon.

The only thing going for “Submarine” is it’s unique style of shots. It is filmed in a unique Baz Luhrmann-Martin Scorsese style with flashbulb cuts and unusual kaleidoscope shots with Tate or Jordana’s face in the middle. An interesting example would be when Tate accidentally pushes a girl into a pond—she falls backwards halfway and freezes. The shot is very creative as she and her things can be seen from all angles, stuck in time.

Other than the style of the shots, though, don’t waste your time. You might as well spend your $1.20 on a McDouble at McDonald’s instead.