Growth still may be cancer

Editorial Opinion

Missouri Western State University is your fat uncle who has to let out the top buttons on his pants after the Thanksgiving feast. Our school is getting bigger. You know that much without having to read the press releases or know the numbers. You can tell just by looking around. There are so many more people walking around the campus than in previous semesters. You know that because you might have had to park all the way out in the overflow parking, or even better, the grass field just beyond the overflow lot.

The dorms are quickly reaching maximum capacity and we should ask ourselves how long it is going to be until we have to start sending people away. Sorry, folks, you can’t come here to Missouri Western, we just don’t have the room. Why don’t you go check out MU?

Despite the sudden spike in student population, it doesn’t seem that there is much being done in the way of making the campus more accommodating to the new numbers. Are new dorms being built? Are new parking lots being laid out? Are more teachers being hired? Whatever is being done to cope with the multiplying masses doesn’t seem like it is happening fast enough.

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