There’s Snow Escape for You


The cold months of winter can sometimes seem to drag on as the ice and winter temperatures can bring on a longing for green and warmth. But don’t wish for spring just yet because winter has a whole disarray of fun activities that you might be missing.

Switch up your regular mundane weekend and escape boredom, utilizing the elements of winter by trying out jumps on a snowboard, skiing fast down a steep slope, or going tubing at racing speed. You don’t have to go to an expensive ski resort in Colorado or fly all the way to the Swiss Alps to experience these winter activities.

Snow Creek, located in Weston, Mo., provides all these activities without putting a hole in your wallet or forcing you to travel a long distance. Snow Creek also offers college students specials on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4-9p.m. All you have to do to receive the special is show your current college ID and your ski/board tickets will be 50% off regular rates.

Michele Corkins, marketing director and event coordinator at Snow Creek noted that the college nights bring in a large influx of students.

“Students definitely take advantage; the special draws in students because they have limited budgets and it can be a college night out,” Corkins said.

Corkins also noted that Snow Creek is not just skiing and snowboarding. Tornado Alley Tube Park at Snow Creek is a great add-on that was made to the park several years ago and is an activity especially geared toward large groups and events.

“Tubing is attracting more families and a new crowd of people demographic,” Corkins said. “It’s also less expensive than skiing or snowboarding.”

Snow Creek additionally offers easy, more difficult and most difficult hills, so you can pace yourself as you improve your skiing and snowboarding skills. There are lessons offered daily by professional ski instructors for both group and private lessons. Lessons are offered for all ages.

Kathy Peironnet, who is a retired elementary teacher, is a ski instructor at Snow Creek and loves teaching people how to ski.

“Snow Creek is a good preparation for big resorts and a great place to improve your skills without having to travel far,” Peironnet said.

Paul Keel who is a ski and snowboarding instructor at Snow Creek noted that snowboarding can take a little longer to learn than skiing, and that it usually takes two or three times going snowboarding before most people get the hang of it.

“Snowboarding is like a bicycle: you’re either falling off or you’re riding,” Keel said.

Whatever your reason for visiting Snow Creek it’s a good way to get away from the daily grind of work and school and have some fun.

Leslie Pierson, a freshman at Missouri Western, goes snowboarding at Snow Creek to get a break from school.

“When I’m boarding all my stress and problems are behind and all I can think of is racing down the slopes,” Pierson said.

So whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, tubing, or drinking a cup of steaming coco in the lounge, Snow Creek offers you a fun option for when you’re not hitting the books.

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