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‘Zombieland’ in Griffon country

One thing that spreads faster than a zombie apocalypse is the game itself. “Humans vs. Zombies” is infecting campuses everywhere. Thanks to the Western Activities Council, HvZ is officially legit at Missouri Western. The game has grown just enough that not a student on campus didn’t notice a few bandana-ed maniacs or Nerfed out versions of Rambo walking around last... Read More

Master Hypnotist mesmerizes students

The lights dim. You look out to the pairs of eyes eagerly staring at you. Close your eyes. You now see you are at the top of a flight of stairs the voice says. Relieve all the tension in your body. You take a step down. Relax. Feel yourself melting away. Take a step down. You start to slip away.... Read More

Rocking to go green.

Missouri Western State University was rocking Earth Day in a day early at Blum student Union with Earthstock 2011. Students in Free Enterprise held the Earthstock function, as way to get the community involved with recycling and sustainability April 18. The Western Activities Council and the Student Government Association also provided funding for Earthstock. The students in SIFE decided this... Read More

Center for Multicultural Education celebrate MLK day

Center for Multicultural Education recently brought people together to make a quilt remembering one of America’s great leaders, Martin Luther King Jr. Leah Hayes is the programming assistant for the Center for Multicultural Education and helped organize this event in Blum Union for participants willing to share their thoughts and feelings.Center for Multicultural Education “Everyone gets a square to write... Read More