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College athletics and the beauty pageant it is

It is the goal of every university to have the best facilities that it can, whether they’re academic buildings or athletic. Missouri Western State University Director of Athletics Kurt McGuffin believes it is a constant competition between the schools at each level. “We want to be the best; it’s all about keeping up with the Jones’s,” McGuffin said. It has... Read More

Strong offense leads Griffons to early success

The Griffons have found early success, and a 5-1 record, through the first six games of the 2014-2015 season. After a close exhibition loss to the University of Missouri, Western began their regular season against the Robert Morris College Eagles in the opening match of the Quincy Classic. With 10 minutes remaining in the first half against the Eagles, the... Read More

Returning to her roots: Actress comes back to family, stage

Xan (pronounced “Zan,” short for “Alexandra”) Kellogg decided after two years at the University of Missouri that she needed to come home for good once her family adopted her new now 13-year-old little brother from the Philippines in May 2012. After school ended last May, she was able to spend time with Jomel and her family for two weeks; then... Read More