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SGA prepared for spring semester

The Student Government Association met for their first meeting of the semester on Jan. 14. After a month of recess, SGA is preparing for the spring semester. With the Student Success Act under negotiations, SGA President Jacob Scott is prepared to advocate for students. “Certainly all options are on the table, but I think that as we get back into... Read More

College Republicans talk issues

The college republicans have different views of the Republicans candidates running for President, but they all agree that they want anyone but Obama.  The officers of the College Republicans have made their picks for President of the United States to go against President Obama this fall. Each officer of the organization has chosen a different candidate and they all seem... Read More

Conservative students join together

Missouri Western is about to get a political mixture for students to choose from. In 2010, the University Democrats were formed, and now students are working to create the College Republicans. Travis Hart, president of college republicans, believed it was time to give students the opportunity to choose a student group that fits their political preference. This past year the... Read More