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Breckenridge makes singing, acting go hand-in-hand

Some students enter college knowing what their major will be, and some think they know and then change their mind; the latter has been the case for student Morgan Breckenridge. A love of Broadway, music in general and a love of performing is what persuaded Breckenridge to switch her major from English-journalism (to pursue investigative journalism) to a music major... Read More

Western grad scores role of a lifetime

Have you ever wondered what fictional character you would be if you could choose? Western graduate Ali Bird has been given that opportunity. In the past Bird has mainly been a backstage person.  She graduated Western in December with a degree from the Theatre & Cinema department. As an actress, her previous biggest role was an extra townsperson in “Romeo and... Read More

Potter Hall Living Room offers creature comforts

It is always nice for students to have a place to go where they can relax between classes while enjoying the creature comforts of home. The department of Communication Studies, Theatre and Cinema now offers students such a place, The Living Room. TLR is actually the basement in Potter Hall that has been fixed up as a gathering place and will... Read More

Ballew to play a ‘Beautiful Disaster’

“Romeo and Juliet” director Tee Quillin pushes his way through eager students to get to the bulletin board where he posts the cast list. Four girls look for their name by “Juliet,” but only one leaves with a smile: Misty Ballew. Ballew has been involved in many plays at Missouri Western, such as “Night of the Living Dead,” “The Illusion”... Read More