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Student-athletes strive for academic success

There is a trend at many universities that shows that, counter to what some may think, student-athletes maintain a higher average GPA than regular students do. The most important things that seem to facilitate athletes’ high grades are structure, time-management, drive and a very strong support network. Head coach of baseball at Western, Buzz Verduzco, has witnessed regular students coming... Read More

Mandatory blow-hole control

Chivalry is dead, and it’s buried next to courtesy and common sense. We all have to share the campus and classrooms at Western so it only makes sense that we treat each other and the faculty with respect; sadly, that trend seems to be fading quickly. One of the major things that I see more frequently is what I will... Read More

The Art of Potter Hall: Why Western’s Art Department is Thriving

When you walk into Potter Hall, the hub of Western’s art department, you might see decoupaged newspaper sculptures in the hallway, massive canvas paintings on the walls, or clusters of students talking about their latest masterpieces, using words and phrases like “palette knife,” “darkroom,” and “crosshatching.” Beyond these visuals, you might not know much about Potter Hall or about Western’s... Read More

Campus Voice: What is your reaction to the Western’s harddrive security breach?

Question: Hard-disk drive containing thousands of student’s personal information temporarily out of MWSU possession, what is your reaction? Sean McConnell – Freshman A: “Didn’t really have a reaction to it (e-mail release), I just kind of glanced at it.” Trent Moss – Freshman A: “Pretty mad because if that’s my information out there that’s not cool!” Amanda Francis – Freshman... Read More