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Benefits of enrollment increase come with drawbacks

Missouri Western’s enrollment rate has increased the past few years. Presuming the enrollment trend continues to rise, Western will become a sufficient university for prospective students to be educated at. Having a big enrollment has positives for the university. One of those positives is that it will put Western’s name out in the state of Missouri better. I’ve seen signs... Read More

Transgender girl stands in her truth

Nicole Maines, a transgender motivational speaker, spoke to Western on March 29th in Spratt Hall about standing in her truth. Center of Student Involvement sponsored Standing in Your Truth at Spratt Hall 101 on March 29, students came to listen to Nicole Maines, a transgender advocate lecture about standing in your truth. Individuals listened to Nicole Maines tell her story of... Read More

Roundtable on Responses to Sexual Violence combats domestic and sexual violence

Students and faculty at Western attended Roundtable on Responses to Sexual Violence in Spratt Hall March 28th. During the roundtable discussion individuals spoke about sexual violence Freshman at Western, Ravyn Miller, attended the event and left with more than what she expected. “It definitely exceeded my expectations, I didn’t know what I was going into but I definitely enjoyed the time I... Read More

International Cooking Class Hosts Its second event

Missouri Western’s International Student Services and Residence Hall Association sponsored the second annual International Cooking Class. Cooks, Isabelle Hannson and Maria Martens taught individuals how to make Swedish meatballs at the kitchen commons. Program Coordinator and student Charity Page has helped with the previous cooking class and believed that it’s not the numbers of attendees that matters but the experience.... Read More

Notifying the Public of opioids

Missouri Western is bringing the public’s attention to the dangers of opioids and how doctors and chemists are using science to fight off addiction.  The Opioids: Fighting Addiction with Chemistry event will take place at Missouri Western in Agenstein 328 on Febr. 27. at 6:00 P.M. Medical Director of Maryland Treatment Center Mark Fisherman and Director of the National Institute... Read More