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A Brief History of Student Success

The Student Success Act, signed into action in 2012, is a Student Government legislation that outlines a $75 a semester fee for certain student services and a committee to oversee the allocation of funding. The program was initially created to cover a possible cut in state education funding. If a funding cut had been enacted, student services— Esry Health center,... Read More

Fee Advisory Committee hears reallocation proposal

Student Government Association President Jacob Scott has authored a proposal that would reallocate the $75 full-time students pay each semester for the fiscal year of 2014. On March 28, the Fee Advisory Committee held a meeting for the first time this semester. The committee, which was created to oversee the Student Success Act Fee, heard Scott’s proposal to repurpose the... Read More

Western has a fat wad

-Editorial- With all the excess money that Western has accumulated to prepare for the cuts that never took place, they should cover health care fees for students on campus. Initially the student success act had us paying a fifty dollar a month fee to cover the costs of visiting the health center; the thing is, none of us benefit from... Read More