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SGA allocates 20 percent to Student Affairs

Annually, the Student Government Association allocates 20 percent of the budget to Student Affairs. According to the SGA Bylaws and Policy Guide the money allocated to Student Affairs primarily funds the Center for Multicultural Education, the Center for Student Engagement, intramural programs and Student Leadership Programs. Judy Grimes, the interim vice president for Student Affairs and dean of students, explained... Read More

Win big at Blum casino

What better way to take a break from studying for finals than to gamble, sumo wrestle, dance, eat breakfast and, most importantly, win prizes? Western Activities Council and Student Affairs have a lot planned for students in the next couple of days. Student Affairs will be putting on Casino Night which includes poker, Russian roulette, slot machines, black jack and... Read More

Chainsaw Juggler Cuts Crowd Up with laughs

  Lights flicker on each of the “Mad” and “Chad” suitcases placed apart on the stage.  A man dressed in a black shirt and vest with blue sweatpants sprints out to the center of the platform grasping a chainsaw.  He “accidently” flings it toward the crowd, but they are relieved when he snatches it back with a rope.  He laughs... Read More