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It’s official- WAC is on its own

After a vote of the student body, the Western Activities Council split from the Student Government Association, forming a separate organization Friday, Oct. 16. The ballot question passed a two-thirds vote of Western students. SGA has been discussing the policy change for multiple weeks, but now that the students have approved the constitutional amendment, it has been added to the... Read More

SGA deliberates about spending student money on SGA polos

In the spirit of spending student money wisely, the Student Government Association deliberated Monday about a topic previously considered trivial: SGA polos. Currently, each SGA member is provided a student-funded polo that the individual may choose to keep if they leave SGA, funding provided by SGA’s $75 per semester student fee. Though most senators originally deemed such a discussion a... Read More

The WAC-SGA Breakup: “It was mutual”

The Student Government Association presented legislations Monday that call for the separation of the Western Activities Council from SGA. Student administrators suggest that the changes are meant to distinguish the goals and guidelines of the two institutions. “Basically, the reason this is happening is that we decided that WAC and SGA, at their core, serve two very different missions,” SGA... Read More

SGA drops Collegiate Readership Program, saves $21,000

Over the summer, the executive board of the Student Government Association voted to end the Collegiate Readership Program by dropping USA Today from newsstands on campus. The decision allowed roughly $21,000 to be used for other SGA sponsored programs. The program was put on through Gannett Publishing, a part of USA Today, and is used on campuses nationwide to provide... Read More