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Western performance funding

After a roller coaster of a legislative year in Missouri, Missouri Western is set to receive about $650,000 of state performance funding. Gov. Jay Nixon was successful in freeing up about $143 million for education. This included about $43 million in performance funding for higher education institutions. However, Western President Robert Vartabedian thinks Western will only see about half of the money... Read More

SGA taking off at full speed

Although the year has just begun, the leaders of the Student Government Association said they have been hard at work. President Daniel Hager and Vice President Tyler O’Neill spent most of their summer on the Western campus discussing their goals for the upcoming year. Hager and O’Neill have similar plans for the new year in SGA. Recycling on campus is... Read More

Committee commitment creating change

This year Missouri Western’s Student Government Association decided to shake things up a bit and try something new regarding committees. Traditionally, SGA met every Monday, and Senators would be responsible for attending committees in addition to this weekly meeting, but this year they decided to try a schedule that would allow for both at the same time. Jacob Scott, SGA... Read More

SGA senate trumpets quality over quantity

One month of the semester down and nearly half of the Student Government Association Senators are gone. On the surface level, it means that the few are governing the many, simply meaning that the student body isn’t receiving full representation in SGA. Maybe that’s not a bad thing, according to SGA Vice President Jacob Scott, as he states passionately that... Read More