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“The Producers” Review

Missouri Western’s “Season of Laughter” ends with an appropriately hilarious, risqué and charming musical that will have you in stitches within mere minutes. “The Producers,” a musical by Mel Brooks, follows the failing career of Max Bialystock (Erik Burns-Sprung) whose latest play, “Funny Boy,” was a complete and utter flop. As Bialystock bemoans his life, a timid accountant by the... Read More

Director, actor explain the challenges of “The Drowsy Chaperone”

The season of comedy has put out another funny and entertaining escape of a show in Potter Hall. While the Drowsy Chaperone has been a classic of theater productions since the late 1990s, the cast and crew still ran into several challenges while putting together the show. One of the many problems of the show was how it is presented.... Read More

“Lives” proves to be witty, ridiculous comedy

Love can make people crazy, and also deliver a firm, back-handed slap every now and then. In the 1930s throwback, the cast of “Private Lives” demonstrated the confusing complexity of relationships and their psychotic side effects. The play opened with two couples, Elyott and Sybil, and Victor and Amanda, honeymooning in Deuville, France. Unlike the typical honeymoon however, Elyott and... Read More

Aspiring student actor loves the spotlight

  Since he first stepped on stage in kindergarten to be cast as White Rabbit in “Alice in Wonderland,” Missouri Western student Sebastian Smith knew that acting was something that he wanted to partake in. “I was 6 years old in early elementary school, and we where at an age where kids wanted to be an astronaut, a doctor or lawyer,” Smith said. “For... Read More

No ‘kidding’ around for this young cast

The director’s voice projects throughout the whole theater. Sitting in the audience he announces on the microphone, telling the young actors on stage to up their enthusiasm because they are in a party scene. The children nod their heads and the director says “Go!” The scene restarts. Five-year-old Ian Rhoad sneaks a small chalkboard with the words “laugh out loud”... Read More