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Trio of wins helps volleyball move up

Missouri Western volleyball coach Cory Frederick said he had to attend over five games to see how good Shelby Corkill really was. Against Pittsburg State Friday night, the freshman reminded him why she was recruited here. Western defeated Pittsburg 3-2 Friday at the Looney Complex, which improved its record to 11-11. Corkill had 26 kills, the most since 2003 for... Read More

A serious slapdash

One quick note: During this process, if random names drop in, that isn’t a bad thing. It’s supposed to be that way. Random references are great, unless you’re Pat Forde, then it’s just annoying. Matt Gleaves knows what I’m talking about. So, just remember, random names — as well as regular names (if that makes sense) — will appear. Soccer,... Read More

Northwest: Beat it

Before the fifth game ended, Missouri Western looked flustered. Down by four, the Griffons needed a spark in order to defeat their MIAA rival Northwest Missouri State. But instead of one player in particular garnering the change, a team effort for Western was all it needed. Western defeated Northwest in a five-game set Tuesday in the Looney Complex. With the... Read More