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Government shut down, future federal aid uncertain

Most students are not feeling the weight of the government shutdown directly, however, a select few at Western — as well as some faculty — are feeling it directly. Those students who were selected for verification that have already completed their forms do not need to worry, but, those who waited may face an obstacle. Director of Finance Marilyn Baker... Read More

Republican National Convention hits a speed bump

The Republican National Convention is off to a good start with a few minor obstacles. News Editor Ellis Cross has just arrived in Tampa, Fla., where the RNC is to be held. He said that activities start for him today at noon. Cross stated in his blog that yesterday at 7:38 p.m. eastern, the Chairman of the RNC Reince... Read More

Missouri Western Democrats

With a new organization on campus, much cannot be expected early on, but the Missouri Western Democrats have proven that wrong. Many students are unaware of the organization and its purpose. Amanda Johnson, president of Missouri Western Democrats, is a senior and a double major in political science, sociology and a minor in English literature. She is a busy woman,... Read More