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Finding the Faith Gives Students Sense of Community

With the promise of free ice cream, the Center for Multicultural Education delivered information on faith to all those curious on Monday, Sept. 12. Finding the Faith is an annual Missouri Western event that brings communities together to expose students to religion and help them find a sense of support during any rough transitions to college life. The Center for... Read More

Teaching with a side of Acting

Everyone has some type of hobby that they enjoy and this is no different for Missouri Western’s own Ana Bausset. Bausset is an assistant professor of Spanish who has earned the respect of most of her students and colleagues. Sage Smith is one of Baussett’s students and enjoys her teaching methods. “She’s a little less formal than most teachers, but... Read More

Original sin

Written by: Adam Hamby (Freshman) Since practically childbirth in America (especially in the Midwest), we’ve heard all of the wonderful things about Christianity and the Christian Religion.  In fact, from a young age, most of us have probably been indoctrinated into the religion and belief system, too small to even give our consent.  It’s no secret that children are indoctrinated... Read More