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Pay our faculty hourly for the work they do

Having a Ph D doesn’t automatically mean that you’re the best person for the job. There’s a huge difference between a professor with tenure and an instructor. Yes, a professor is one who has worked his way up the ranks to receive a doctorate and receive a bigger paycheck. There are many instructors and adjuncts hired by the university that work hard... Read More

Employees should be thankful for pay increase

Since 2008 full-time employees of Missouri Western have gone three consecutive years across the board without a pay increase, until now. During the June Board of Governors meeting, the group approved of a 2 percent salary increase for full-time faculty and staff. If you can recall last year Missouri Western was cut by 8.2 percent in state allocations for higher education. Western... Read More

New attendance policy becomes professors’ choice

Finally Missouri Western gets smart and decides to eliminate the mandatory attendance policy for 100 and 200 level courses. This means that the FA (failure due to absences) grade will be eliminated. Well, it’s about time! But, don’t just think that students can waltz into class whenever they feel like it. Though the mandatory attendance policy will be eliminated, attendance... Read More