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A look at the talent – Riley Bayer

Riley Bayer plays the part of Lennie, Lennie is a probable mentally handicapped man that relies on co-star Steve Catron’s character George Bayer explains. “George is really kind of like a father figure to Lennie. Lennie doesn’t really think like you or I would,” he said. Figuring out how to play a part like that wasn’t easy wither he explains.... Read More

One box to rule them all or one bad idea

Recently, I went ahead and bit the bullet and got an Xbox One. Even amidst the clouds of doubt and pitfalls ranging from the dreaded 24/7 online dependency and supposed inability to trade or resell games, I was compelled to give it a shot. Here is what I found so far: Positives: They fixed all that crap I just said.... Read More

Blockbuster summer for Western

                    (photos from Bringing quality performances to Missouri Western is about more than just a unique learning experience for students, it’s about building a community around MWSU. This past summer Western faculty have been hard at work bringing in some high profile musicals and some top-notch performers to perform at the... Read More