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Dr. Railsback talks Of Mice and Steinbeck

Stories that are created always have a deeper meaning than the story itself, and after the performance “Of Mice and Men,” deeper meanings and symbolism were discussed. On Friday, Oct. 3, Missouri Western had an opportunity to hear Dr. Brian Railsback, who taught Honors tutorial classes in creative writing and literature at Western Carolina University. Railsback is an expert on... Read More

A look at the talent – Riley Bayer

Riley Bayer plays the part of Lennie, Lennie is a probable mentally handicapped man that relies on co-star Steve Catron’s character George Bayer explains. “George is really kind of like a father figure to Lennie. Lennie doesn’t really think like you or I would,” he said. Figuring out how to play a part like that wasn’t easy wither he explains.... Read More