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The most incompetent office

As some readers may know, I am an international student. And while Western President Dr. Robert Vartabedian has successfully made efforts to increase the numbers of international students on campus, there is one aspect where the university is lacking: the International Student Services. Last fall, my first semester at Western, Amy Kotwani was the director of ISS and she did... Read More

Convocation: Contradicting, disorganized and pointless

Convocation was a disappointment. I’m not saying this out of anti-conservative anger or a “down with the institution” mentality. I’m saying this as an open-minded college student who attended what should have been an event that questioned my ideals and inspired me to act. It did not. Contradictions  Ridge criticized Obama’s recent nuclear deal with Iran, because it wasn’t “enough... Read More

Germany steps up in refugee crisis

British professor Anthony Glees called Germany “a hippie state led by its emotions” in reference to chancellor Angela Merkel opening the German-Austrian border for refugees stranded in Hungary. To me, a German, this comment is nothing short of hilarious. Germans are usually stereoyped as boring, rude, humorless and, most important, rule-abiding. However, when Merkel recently invited refugees into Germany, she... Read More