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Homecoming Committee ironically violates international, federal trademarks

The Phi Delta Theta fraternity received a rude awakening in late September from the Missouri Western Homecoming Committee— the fraternity had violated policies surrounding Homecoming branding. Using the “MWSU Homecoming” brand, Phi Delta Theta had created Homecoming t-shirts and had begun selling them to students and community members. However, after hearing of Phi Delta Theta’s shirts, the Homecoming Committee ruled... Read More

Student shoots for 2016 Team USA

After winning the Kansas City Golden Gloves tournament for the fifth year in a row and competing multiple times on national stages, the 2016 Olympics is his next desired destination. Convergent media major Thomas Huitt-Johnson is a prominent boxer when he’s not in class. The young fighter has owned his weight class in the Kansas City region and competed at... Read More

Western student hopes to represent US in Olympics

Brianna Barnett braces herself in front of the barbell for the clean and jerk. She bends over and wraps her fingers around the bar, still in the mindset that she is going to thrust the 94 kg (206.8 pound) barbell over her head. She whips the weight up with her elbows out. Barnett puts one foot out in front of the... Read More