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Mr. MWSU had a “Sock Hoppin” show

With cold weather still in the midst, six brave men ventured out on stage in their swim suits and summer bodies in efforts to win Mr. MWSU. The Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority hosted their annual Mr. MWSU male pageant on March 27. Over 100 students and members of sororities and fraternities attended the male pageant called “Sock Hoppin’ Mr. MWSU 2013.”... Read More

Sorority Teeter totters to help raise money

When you think of a teeter-totter, you probably think about being on the playground as a child, rocking back and forth, up and down with your friends as you giggle in your high-pitched, innocent, little six-year-old voice. Something similar happened on the Missouri Western campus Oct. 27. Alpha Gamma Delta held their 15th annual 24-hour Teeter Totter-A-Thon. Western’s Alpha Gamma... Read More