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‘Retribution’ literally follows definition

There have now been five Resident Evil movies, and this one should have been given to the SyFy channel. Resident Evil: Retribution uses horrendous acting, embarrassing writing, and cheap computer-generated imagery to easily become one of the worst films of the year. The “story” follows Alice (Milla Jovovich) once again, as she is now stuck in a facility built by... Read More

All ‘Words,’ no show

A cynic would say, “If it looks good, sounds good, it generally isn’t.” In the case of CBS films’ “The Words,” the cynic would be right. All of the cast portrays the characters well and rather believable, the overall plot is intriguing and the cinematography is top-notch. But where the filmmakers of “The Words” miss out is through the development of the pacing... Read More