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Western alumni debuts first short film

Imagine having to find two straight men that would be willing to kiss each other on camera and actually look like they like it? This was the task of Missouri Western graduate Joseph Franklin, who debuted his first short film in Kansas City this past week entitled “A Guy For Me.” “They didn’t even rehearse the kiss,” Franklin said. “They... Read More

Living the American political process through the eyes of a student

One Missouri Western student was selected for the opportunity to serve in the 2012 political process. Ellis Cross, news editor for the Griffon News, was selected by fellow Republicans to serve as an alternate delegate for the National Republican Convention in Tampa, Fla., last month. The trip was more than just a moment for Cross to meet politicians; he learned the process of... Read More

Missouri Senate Passes 4.8 Percent University Budget Cut

Missouri State Senators voted Wednesday, April 20 to pass their budget proposal including a higher education budget cut of only 4.8 percent. This is 3.2 percent lower than what Gov. Jay Nixon had proposed earlier this year. Western’s administration is hoping that the budget cuts do not exceed Nixon’s proposed 7 percent. If the House of Representatives agrees with the... Read More

21st Annual Roy Blunt Literary Citation Award Luncheon

The Roy Blunt Literacy Citation Award luncheon took place this Tuesday, April 19, for the 21st consecutive year. The award was developed by Senator Blunt in 1991 to promote literacy volunteer work throughout communities in Northwest Missouri. Anyone can become eligible for the award as long as they complete volunteer literacy activities in a unique way and with a huge... Read More