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Born into football, raised a Griffon

Football has been a part of Jerry Partridge’s life for almost 45 years. Half of that has been right here at Missouri Western. Partridge studied physical education and played football from 1981-1986 here on Downs Drive. Now he is entering his 20th season as the head football coach. Jerry grew up a coach’s son, spending his summers as a child... Read More

Higher education performance funding to increase?

Missouri Western is potentially in line to receive an additional $600,000 in funding next year. The Missouri Legislature is currently in the process of debating on an approximate 3 percent increase for higher education funding across the state. At this point, the outcome of House Bill 3 is in the hands of lawmakers in Jefferson City; however Vice President for... Read More

Western hosts Court of Appeals

Missouri Western hosted the Missouri Court of Appeals for the seventeenth consecutive year on Tuesday, Oct. 14. The Court of Appeals hosted a three-judge panel, which included Karen King Mitchell, Cindy Martin and Gary Witt. These judges heard arguments for five cases. Western’s Department of Criminal Justice, Legal Studies & Social Work sponsored the event. Suzanne Kissock, associate professor of legal... Read More

Western performance funding

After a roller coaster of a legislative year in Missouri, Missouri Western is set to receive about $650,000 of state performance funding. Gov. Jay Nixon was successful in freeing up about $143 million for education. This included about $43 million in performance funding for higher education institutions. However, Western President Robert Vartabedian thinks Western will only see about half of the money... Read More

Western students possibly receiving tuition refund

Missouri Western undergraduate students who are residents of Missouri may have some money coming their way in the near future. The Western Board of Governors will be polled anonymously to decide whether or not to refund 1.74 percent of tuition, or $3.35 per credit hour, to resident undergraduate students. If passed, the tuition increase will also be permanently removed going forward.... Read More